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Excelsior Guaranteed Life Insurance Coverage for Saskatchewan

We’re simplifying every aspect of applying for and purchasing life insurance for people in Saskatchewan. Unlike traditional life insurance plans, our Excelsior's Guaranteed Life Insurance removes the most significant barriers like medical exams, face-to-face meetings with agents, and mountains of paperwork. We’re making life insurance more accessible than it has ever been before. Regardless of your financial need or budget, we can help you find a Guaranteed Life Insurance plan that suits you best.

Who can qualify for our Guaranteed Life Insurance plan?

To be eligible for Excelsior's Guaranteed Life Insurance, you only need to meet three straightforward requirements:
Age range: 18-80.
Citizenship status: 
Canadian citizen or permanent resident for at least six months.
Provide a negative response to the question: 'Have you been diagnosed with a life expectancy of 24 months or less, or are you currently hospitalized or terminally ill?'

Key benefits of our Guaranteed Life Insurance for 
residents of Saskatchewan

Your acceptance is guaranteed - If you meet our three simple eligibility requirements, your approval for our plan is 100% guaranteed.
Zero medical exams - You will never have to undergo a medical exam at any point when applying for our Guaranteed Life Insurance plan.
Reliable tax-free benefit amounts - Your plan’s tax-free benefit goes directly to your beneficiary after an approved claim and can be used in any way they wish.
Permanent Coverage - If you meet our three simple eligibility requirements, your approval for our plan is 100% guaranteed.
Simplified applications - Our process is entirely over the phone. You never have to meet with agents or complete paperwork to apply for coverage.
10-day review period - To ensure your plan is working best for you, take 10-days to review your coverage. If you change your mind, let us know for a full refund.
We’ve helped thousands of residents in Saskatchewan get accessible and affordable coverage with our Guaranteed Life Insurance plan. Our simple process, paired with our easy eligibility requirements, creates the most approachable coverage available on the market. To get your free no-obligation quote and a list of plan options, simply complete our short free quote form now!