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Excelsior Guaranteed Life Insurance Coverage for New Brunswick

Have you struggled to get life insurance in the past? Has your health or family health history led to higher premiums for coverage? We know the challenges many in New Brunswick face when trying to find financial security for their loved ones with traditional life insurance plans. The barriers that come with these forms of life insurance can include medical exams, long applications, and endless meetings with agents.

Excelsior is changing the game for New Brunswick residents. We aim to make life insurance more accessible. With our Guaranteed Life Insurance coverage, we offer straightforward eligibility criteria and a streamlined application process, ensuring more people can access the coverage they need at an affordable price.

Who can qualify for our Guaranteed Life Insurance plan?

We have a simple three-step qualification process for our Guaranteed Life Insurance plan
Hold Canadian citizenship or permanent residency status for at least 6 months.
Be aged between 18 and 80 years.
Provide a negative response to the following question: "Have you been diagnosed with a life expectancy of 24 months or less, or are you in the hospital or terminally ill?"

Key benefits Excelsior's Guaranteed Life Insurance for 
residents of New Brunswick

Guaranteed acceptance - This is a no medical life insurance plan, meaning you never have to undergo a medical exam when you apply. Your health does not affect your eligibility.
Zero medical exams - There are no medical exam requirements at any point of the application.
Tax-free coverage - Your beneficiaries receive your plan’s benefit after a claim completely tax-free.
Lifetime Coverage - Our plan provides coverage for all your life.
Easy application process - You are never required to meet face-to-face with agents or complete paperwork to finalize your coverage.
Review your coverage - We provide you with a 10-day review period to ensure you are entirely satisfied with your plan. If you change your mind, let us know within this period and get a full refund.
Our Guaranteed Life Insurance plan has already helped thousands in New Brunswick. If you need affordable no medical exam life insurance coverage fast, apply for our Guaranteed Life Insurance coverage. Submit our short quote form now for some free
no-obligation quotes and discover your options!