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Guaranteed Life Insurance Coverage for Nova Scotia

With a straightforward application process and simplified eligibility requirements, our Guaranteed Life Insurance plan makes it easy for residents in Nova Scotia to find accessible life insurance coverage.
We don’t require you to meet face-to-face with any agents or complete a mountain of paperwork to apply for our coverage, and we also don’t require any medical exams when you apply.

Get qualified now and learn about your plan options with Canada’s leading guaranteed
insurance provider.

Who can qualify for our Guaranteed Life Insurance plan?

To qualify for our Guaranteed Life Insurance coverage, we only have two simple requirements:
Be a resident of Nova Scotia.
You do not have to be a Canadian citizen to apply.
Be between 18-74.

Key benefits of our Guaranteed Life Insurance for 
residents of Nova Scotia

You cannot be denied - So long as you are a resident of Nova Scotia and are within the required age range, your acceptance is guaranteed.
Never undergo a medical exam - We have no medical exam requirements at any stage of our application.
Tax-free coverage - When it comes time for a claim, your beneficiaries will receive your plan’s benefit completely tax-free.
Coverage to 100 - Our Guaranteed Life Insurance plan offers lifelong coverage that only ends at age 100.
Simple applications - You never have to leave the comfort of home when you apply for our plan. The entire process is done right over the phone.
30-day review period - Use the review period to see if you are fully satisfied with our Guaranteed Life Insurance plan. If not, let us know and get a full refund.
We work across Nova Scotia and have helped thousands of people find affordable and accessible coverage with our Guaranteed Life Insurance coverage. If you want to discover your plan options and get free no-obligation quotes, please complete our short free quote form now!