Guaranteed Life Insurance

Guaranteed Life Insurance is a no medical plan designed to provide simple and reliable coverage for those who have struggled to apply for traditional insurance options. Guaranteed Life Insurance plans typically offer two forms of coverage:

A Basic Life Benefit and an Accidental Death Benefit

Basic Benefit of Guaranteed Life: Provides a tax-free lump-sum payment to your beneficiary or estate in the event of your death. The full amount of the benefit is paid only if the policy has been in effect for two years. For most plans, if death occurs in the first two years after the effective date, the benefit is the amount of premiums that have been paid.

Accidental Death Benefits: Providers often have an Accidental Death Benefit with Guaranteed Life Insurance plans to offer a complete coverage package. Usually, the attached coverage pays four times your basic Benefit amount to your beneficiary or estate if your death occurs from an injury caused by an accident.

What’s not covered:

Keep in mind that this information is only a summary. Actual terms, exclusions and limitations are explained in the policy you choose. Please review your policy carefully upon receipt.

Key Benefits