Can you get guaranteed life insurance?

Guaranteed issue life insurance is a simple and affordable life insurance policy with guaranteed acceptance. But how does it work? And most importantly - Can you get guaranteed life insurance? Well, in short, no medical exams or health questions are required to be considered eligible for coverage, making the application quicker and easier on you.

With only 2 eligibility criteria, getting accepted for the coverage you need is simple. To be eligible, you only need to be:

So, can you get guaranteed life insurance? YES, you can! Now let’s see why you should get a quote today!

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No matter how difficult it was for you in the past to get insurance, with a guaranteed issue life insurance plan, everything just got easier. No more headaches, no more denials, no more waiting, you get accepted the same day you apply, no matter your past or present medical conditions.

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Still looking for reasons to apply for this policy? Let’s review some of the main benefits of our guaranteed issue life insurance:

  • No medical underwriting

  • Fast and simple application process

  • No medical exams, no lengthy health questionnaires

  • Premiums will never increase

  • Benefits are paid tax-free

  • Coverage to age 100

  • Choice of coverage amounts

  • A review period to ensure you are happy with your plan

And best of all - Your acceptance is Guaranteed!

So, can you get guaranteed life insurance?

Everyone who applies qualifies! As long as you meet the eligibility criteria, there are no other reasons to be denied the coverage you and your family needs. Get peace of mind now and take care of final expenses, such as medical bills, burial costs or unpaid debts, so that your family won’t have to.

Get a free quote now and secure your loved ones’ financial future before the unexpected happens.

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