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Guaranteed Life Insurance Coverage for British Columbians 

It is no surprise that life is unpredictable and can change quickly. The right life insurance plan is the perfect way to prepare for this unpredictability, but most plans are often difficult to apply for or come with high premiums. This is especially true if you have medical issues or a family history of health problems.

Residents of British Columbia who have previously struggled to get insured have more options now than ever before. Our Guaranteed Life Insurance plan simplifies every aspect of applying for coverage and provides reliable and affordable financial security. With no medical exams or lengthy applications, we’re allowing more British Columbians to find and get the coverage they need faster with no barriers getting
in the way.

Who can qualify for our Guaranteed Life Insurance plan?

We only have two straightforward requirements:
Be a resident of British Columbia
(We don’t require you to have Canadian citizenship).
Be between 18-80.

Key benefits of our Guaranteed Life Insurance for 
residents of British Columbia

No denials - You cannot be turned down for coverage as long as you meet our simple application requirements. Your health has no impact on your eligibility for our Guaranteed Life Insurance plan.
No medical exams - Unlike most life insurance plans, our coverage does not require a medical exam at any point when applying for a policy.
Tax-free coverage amounts - We offer tax-free benefit amounts up to $50,000.
Lifelong protection - British Columbians can benefit from coverage for life with our plan staying active up to age 100.
Applications made easy - You never have to meet face-to-face with an agent or complete a mountain of paperwork when applying for a plan.
30-day review period - If after 30 days you aren’t happy with your coverage, let us know and get a full refund.
We’ve helped thousands of residents in British Columbia find affordable and dependable coverage with our Guaranteed Life Insurance plan. To learn more about your options and get free no-obligation quotes, please complete our short free quote form now!